We offer training in a variety of skills.


Dr Hemmings has had many years experience of training in the UK and abroad, ranging from MSc level at the University of Sussex, teaching advanced communication skills to consultants in hospitals and designing and teaching a skills package for professionals who work with patients who somatise.  He has also lectured in Sweden and the USA.

Below are some of the topics that are covered. Specific packages can also be tailored to individual needs

Psychological interventions

  • Foundations in CBT
  • Introduction to Personal Construct Psychology
  • Solution focused psychotherapy
  • Introduction to counselling skills
  • Introduction to TA
  • Introduction to Gestalt
  • Introduction to Group work
  • Working with patients who somatise
  • Working with clients on medication
  • The 71/2 minute hour: practical psychotherapy skills for GPs
  • Running and anxiety/stress management groups
  • Assertiveness training
  • Time sensitive dynamic psychotherapy

Substance misuse

  • Latest developments in Substance Misuse
  • Psychological and physiological effects of Substance Use
  • Attitudes to substance misuse
  • Models of working with substance misuse
  • Concept based therapeutic communities
  • CSA in substance misuse work
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Cycle of change
  • Relapse management

Research and evaluation

  • Introduction to research and evaluation
  • Quantitative research for beginners
  • Qualitative research for beginners
  • Using Repertory Grids